Rent your elle-tens

"Natural pain relief during birth, at home & in the hospital"

Have you set your sights on a birth that as natural as possible? But do you want to be able to use pain relief? But preferably a 100% natural way, without side effects and a little effective, please?

Then you can use the Elle-tens! More and more women are discovering the Elle-tens, which is specially designed to support you during labor. The Elle-tens is a handy device that can be used at home and in the hospital.

How does the Elle-tens work?

When you want to use the Elle-tens, stick 4 electrons on your back. Two you stick on your lower back; just above your sacrum. The other two slice under your bra strap.

The basic position of the Elle-tens is aimed at the production of endorphins. This provides extra support for the production of endorphins in your body. When you use the Elle-tens from the very beginning of your labor, you give your body the chance to build up the best possible level of Endorphins. That ensures that you are comfortable in your bubble when you need your endorphins the most, the active phase of your labor. During a contraction you can switch the Elle-tens up by boosting the stimulation. In this way, the pain stimulus is passed on less well.

The Elle-tens is not recommended if you have heart rhythm disorders, epilepsy or a pacemaker.

Direction during your delivery

You, as a mom-to-be, make conscious decisions. You have thought about how you would like to experience your delivery. Then keeping control during the delivery is very important to you.

The Elle-tens helps your body to produce endorphins. Endorphins are a hormone that provides natural pain relief, which your body produces itself. Using the Elle-tens does not make you drowsy what a morphine pump can do, or immobile like the epidural. The only obstacle is that you cannot take a bath or shower with the Elle-tens.

Sustainable: Renting Elle-tens for a natural birth?

Steeds meer vrouwen kiezen voor de natuurlijk pijnbestrijding door gebruik van de Elle-tens. En omdat je de Elle-tens eigenlijk maar een korte periode nodig hebt, is het wel zo duurzaam om de Elle-tens te huren. Je huurt de Elle-tens voor maximaal 6 weken. Je ontvangt het pakketje 3 weken voor je uitgerekende datum en stuurt hem na je bevalling, zo snel mogelijk terug. 

What do you get when you rent the Elle-tens?

To provide you with all comforts, you will receive an extra comprehensive package, which provides you with everything you need for a natural birth and pain relief:

  • The Elle-tens
  • 4 new adhesive electrodes
  • An instruction manual
  • Spare batteries and cable
  • I will send you the package free of charge
  • 5 weeks rental of the Elle-tens
  • A little something from me, for you <3


The rent of 5 weeks Elle-tens is € 65.00. That does not include a deposit of € 20, which you will receive back when you return the Elle-tens on time and in full.

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