Do you want to be in charge of your delivery & the first weeks with your baby?

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Hello, and welcome at my website dear mama. Are you pregant and looking for the right person to help prepare you for childbirth? I am happy you found me.


Preparing youself, and your partner, for childbirth is very important. Especially when you are in a foreigh country, far away ffrom your family. Being a mom and dad, start before your baby is born. Knowing what options you have, where you can choose from, but also kwowing you way around in the Dutch caresystem, can make childbirth an empowering expirience. When you can look back at your birth with warm feelings, it improves the way you look at yourself, and the way you see yourself as a mom. Most moms feel more happy, selfsecure and are more at ease when they have a positive birth experience.


That way you can start parenthood in a positive way. 

"Parenthood starts with the preparation of birth itself"

So what can I offer to prepare & guide you, during pregnancy, birth and early motherhood? I can provide you with a 1 on 1 birthworkshop at you place, to make sure you know the works about labor and birth in the Netherlands.

Also I am happy to guide you during birth as a birth doula. I am starting my training in Fab. 2021, so when you are interested in a birthdoual for a trainé fee, please contact me. I can only help 3 families for this reduced fee.

And as a specialized perinatal social worker I can provide you with counseling during pregnancy and after the birth of you baby. There are a lot of women arouns us, feeling overwhelmd by motherhood. Feeling lonely, anxious. When you recognize youself in thre words, please know that you are not alone. 

"When a your baby is born, you also will be born, as a mom. When you feel secure in birth, you wille feel secure in motherhood. It's my job to mother the mother during birth and the early days of motherhood"

Mental support

Being pregnant or just becoming a mother can be overwhelming. So much has changed in your life! Sometimes this makes you uncomfortable. Together we tackle obstructive thoughts and blockades. We focus on your desires as a new mom and we make a plan so that you can get started rightaway. To make sure you can enjoy this special time with you little baby again!

Childbirth workshop

With this workshop, you and your partner are ready for a relaxed delivery. In 3,5 hoirs you'll get a lot of hands-on information about the delivery. We will practice with delivery postures & breathing techniques. We will consider how you as a team can optimally reflect on the preparation and later experience of the delivery. Who wouldn't want that?


As a birth doula I help you prepare for the day your baby arrives, I will stand by your site during birth so you are assured of some familiar faces during labor, gentle guidance if wanted or some extra help when needed. I will stay with you untill your baby is born you and you are all nicely settled. After birth I will come visit you in the first weeks with your baby.

Nice to meet you

I’m Marleen van Zon, specialized perinatal social worker and Doula in training. I am the proud mum of Fie (4 years) & Sjef (2 years) and I live in Valkenswaard. After our second child was born I had a difficult time in which fear, anger and loneliness predominated. I no longer recognized myself. In these times I have been looking for specialized help, but could not find suitable, skilled help. And that really surprised me. There was no help to help me on this particular time of my life.


This intense experience has moved and inspired me enormously. I felt more and more that I had to do ‘something’ with this idea. My profession, as a (medical) social worker, is a wonderful starting point. I have been able to supplement that with three wonderful courses to specialize myself as a Perinatal social worker and meanwhile Doula. My goal is to be able to stand by women from the beginning to the end of the perinatal phase (from pregnancy to the first year with their child), if necessary.


My mission is to discuss the emotional impact of pregnancy and new parenthood. I believe that a good preparation of birth and guidance during the delivery or the first weeks of being a mother is therefore really essential.

All this is why my practice was born and I offer workshops in preparation for childbirth, my services as a Doula and emotional support to pregnant women and newborn mothers. Here I am standing next to you, reaching out my hand and being there for you. Are you curious what I can do for you? Please contact me. It’s always without any obligations to me.

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