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Being pregnant, giving birth and brand new parenthood are special life events. These are experiences that are difficult to direct. Ultimately it is about how you experience these special events, and that you know that you can make your own choices. But what is there to choose I hear you think? And how do you follow your own feelings or ideas? How do you start talking to others about these topics without losing yourself?

With my knowledge, experience and skills, I would like to assist you in your process from woman to mother, so that you too can fully enjoy your pregnancy or maternity period. You can never do it again.

Dear mum;

  • Do you doubt yourself?
  • Do you worry about your (newborn) child, yourself or childbirth itself?
  • Are you not feeling well?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the emotions of being pregnant or parenting, brings with them?
  • Do you find it difficult to make your own choices?
  • Would you like to be in charge of your delivery, maternity period or parenthood in your own way?
  • But do you find it difficult how to make this work?
  • Aspecially in a foreign country?
  • Are you lonely during your pregnancy, childbirth or parenthood?
  • Do you have questions, but are you afraid to ask?
  • Does that make you sad or gloomy? Uncertain?
  • Because you really just want to enjoy this special period?

And what would the following mean to you?

  • Feeling heard in your conceerns about (upcoming) motherhood
  • Discuss any concerns you feel you cannot address elsewher
  • Without any judgment
  • Making your own choices as a mum
  • No more doubting yourself anymore
  • Being in charge of your pregnancy, upcoming childbirth or parenthood
  • Experience less stress
  • As a result, you’ll be more relaxed in pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood
  • You feel better
  • And therefore can enjoy this special period in life again <3

Mental support

Being pregnant or just becoming a mother can be overwhelming. So much has changed in your life! Sometimes this makes you uncomfortable. Together we tackle obstructive thoughts and blockades. We focus on your desires as a new mom and we make a plan so that you can get started rightaway. To make sure you can enjoy this special time with you little baby again!

Childbirth workshop

With this workshop, you and your partner are ready for a relaxed delivery. In 3,5 hoirs you'll get a lot of hands-on information about the delivery. We will practice with delivery postures & breathing techniques. We will consider how you as a team can optimally reflect on the preparation and later experience of the delivery. Who wouldn't want that?

Pregnancy course

This course is the ultimate combination of information, relaxation and breathing techniques! When you want to gain extensive knowledge about childbirth, practice breathing techniques and meet other moms to be. When you really want to learn how to take charge of your delivery, this wonderful course will be a present for youself!

Nice to meet you

I am Marleen van Zon, social worker and proud mom of two! After our second child was born, I had a difficult time in which fear, anger and loneliness predominated. I no longer recognized myself! I can tell you this, I have never felt that scared.

This intense experience moved me and inspired me enormously. I’ve always loved to read and have therefore dived all the new info! I increasingly felt that I wanted to do ‘something’ with this! My profession, as a social work, opened many doors. And so, I decided to open up my own practice. I have further developed myself in the field of pre and postnatal mental health. In addition to the prepations for childbirth, I focus on counseling women who are mentally not feeling well during pregnancy or in new parenthood. 

My mission is to discuss the difficult aspects of parenting and to assist women in this. My believes are that a good preparation is half the battle. And that is why you can take pregnancy courses with in my practice. All my courses have a strong informative and coaching character. With the aim of gaining your own insights and therefore making your own choices.

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