Child birth workshop

"Ready for childbirth in just one day"

So, what is this Childbirthworkshop?


An extensive, practical, one-day birth workshop. The childbirth workshop is aiming for a relaxed delivery, in which taking control as parents is an important subject. You´ll get al the information you need about giving birth in the Netherlands, how childbirth works in your body and how you can improve birth yourself.


We will practice working with the delivery ball, the Rebozo and positions that support you during the delivery. This way you know what you like before labor is setting in. I will provide you with lots and lots of information, that will make your head spin. This way you can make decisions that suit you so you can give birth the way you want to.

"A course fully adapted to your questions"

We delve deeper into the following topics:


  • Course of childbirth
  • Exercises to help you relax before and during birth
  • Helping your child to adopt the correct position during labor (derived from Spinning babies)
  • Breathing techniques (derived from Hypnobirthing)
  • Massage techniques (derived from Rebozo)
  • Childbirth positions (with birthball or Peanutball)
  • Dealing with pain
  • Learn how to let go by working with your breath
  • How your partner can help you
  • Taking control instead of directing (the birth plan)
  • The golden hour with your newborn baby
  • 40 days of maternity period

"Knowledge gives you control during birth"



  • At your home
  • Completely ready for delivery in 4 hours
  • Together with your birth partner
  • An extensive preparation for childbirth
  • I’ll bring a Rebozo, birth ball and peanut ball for practice
  • Personal: we respond to your questions or uncertainties
  • Includes a handout with tons of information
  • Practice your breathing techniques with the audio guidance I’ll provide you.
  • Costs are € 140, – 1 to 1 course at your home
  • Ex. parkingfees and €0.20 ct travel allowance when you live further away when 10 km from my adress

Would you like to participate in the labor workshop together with your birth partner? Receive all the tools you need for a relaxed delivery in which you can take control? Then register via the button below. Let’s do this together!


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